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 VUSF Update (12/7/13)

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PostSubject: VUSF Update (12/7/13)   Sat Dec 07, 2013 7:51 pm

Hello FEAR members, this is just a current update to anyone who reads this about the Venezia Ultimate Sword Fighter.

We have currently gone through nine rounds of the qualifier and these are our current victors:

Round One (1) = Zidanedude1
Round Two (2) = PepiBlox
Round Three (3) = moneyROBLOX5673
Round Four (4) = mityray
Round Five (5) = ArticEagle111
Round Six (6) = Eslum
Round Seven (7) = shadowelliot2302
Round Eight (Cool = sharky360
Round Nine (9) = JacobProne

We have seven (7) rounds to go.

As of currently as well we're trying to get a new place confirmed to hold the VUSF events due too...
1.) Zach running behind schedule for the VUSF
2.) Other place not having co-hosts in the admin script permanently
3.) Mass-chaos due to chat
4.) Lag

The place has been built by Disav0w and scripted by myself. The link is here for any of those who wish to see the place:
Along with that, WithoutRestraint is currently building a finals place with a brick limit of no more than a hundred (100) bricks (to ensure NO lag at all).

As of right now as well here are the Livestream viewer counts:
Livestream One (1) = 129 viewers during livestream, seven (7) saved recording
Livestream Two (2) = 139 viewers during livestream, four (4) saved recording
Livestream Three (3) = 111 viewers during livestream, four (4) saved recording
Livestream Four (4) = 37 viewers during livestream, one (1) saved recording
Livestream Five (5) = 219 viewers during livestream, zero (0) saved recording
Round II = Three (3) views
Round III = Twenty-one (21) views

Special thanks to Zach2222 to creating this event, and good luck to all participants. Expect another update next week on 12/14/13.
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VUSF Update (12/7/13)
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