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 The only surviving Gen 1 Officers...

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PostSubject: The only surviving Gen 1 Officers...   Sat Jun 23, 2012 1:39 pm

There are only 5 of the Gen 1 Officers left, And here are their Status'.

JackOoLantern: Re-promoted to Colonel after a long time of not being at such a rank, Jack is an ATC, Though that doesn't keep him busy from going ti Alianor or meetings.

cherrybomb117: Probably the 3rd Oldest gen 1 Officer, And the oldest Colonel as of right now, Cherry is only slightly un-involved with FEAR, But that doesn't mean he does not host Trainings, And go to meetings.

JOHNSTER98: The first of these Five Officers to Leave FEAR, JOHN left for RAT after the Leadership in FEAR flew overboard. He claims he'll rejoin if we shape up. He is the only one of these Five to become a General.

flaminwolf123 (ReaperSlayer12345): A Former Colonel, Demoted during past Reforms, Flamin's current gole is to become a Designer in ATC ( I think ), Due to the fact he is one of those people who does not have full faith in Replica forces.

slasher3499 (Me): I am currently the only one of these Five officers who has not been a Successful High rank. Though I WAS promoted to Colonel, It was short lived, As I quickly told SONIC I do not accept the rank.
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The only surviving Gen 1 Officers...
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