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 Venezian Star System

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PostSubject: Venezian Star System   Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:11 am

Everyone knows that the Venezian Star System includes Venezia, Iratus, Sicca, Lympha, Alsuis, and a few lifeless husks, but a few (or a lot idk) of people think that Frostaria and Vaktovia are also within the Venezian Star System. You know RAT and VAK will never agree to this right? It's called the Venezian Star System for a reason. Because it's occupied by FEAR and FEAR only. Doesn't anyone remember the hologram from FEAR Major Fort Omicron? FEAR is a galactic power. We all aren't just crammed together in one solar system. Every major group basically has it's own territory in the galaxy and within that, their own home solar system.
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Venezian Star System
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