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 The day will soon come when my laptop finally gives out.

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PostSubject: The day will soon come when my laptop finally gives out.   Sat Sep 08, 2012 5:28 am

For those tl;dr people, skip to the bottom.

I have no idea how old this thing is or how much longer it will even last. It could die any day now.

Over the course of the years, it has served me well. It ran for hours on battery, and maintained a reasonably decent speed when playing Roblox and other games.

Well, the time is coming. My laptop can't last 10 minutes off of the charger now. The time it takes me to disconnect the charger, move the laptop to another room and quickly re-connect the charger, it's already down to 85%. A few weeks ago, it was able to last about 15-20 minutes on battery.

The games have gotten ridiculously slow. My laptop can barely run Borealis, and I don't even attempt Cryo. I can no longer gunfight, the lag has gotten that bad. Whenever I'm holding a gun, my character's speed slows to a crawl, and I'm practically frozen until I put the gun away. Swordfighting is okay, although I have lag spots more than others. It is very frustrating.

The flash games I play every now and then are starting to lag up also. There used to be great animations, however now they are freeze frames to my laptop. Everything is slow and miserable.

I believe my laptop will eventually burn itself out. Don't worry, I'm saving for a new gaming laptop. However, it won't be until December-February until I have a shot at receiving one. Just know that I'll be inactive for a few months should my laptop get much worse. Demote me if you want when it happens, however I'll let you know when I'll become inactive.
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PostSubject: Re: The day will soon come when my laptop finally gives out.   Sat Sep 08, 2012 6:29 am

tl:dr. Razz
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The day will soon come when my laptop finally gives out.
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